Wednesday, July 11

Garden Pic Wednesday: Million Bells Plus a Funny Story

I'm only posting 1 garden pic today, but after it I have a funny little story to share.
Pic of the Day is my waterfall of orange Million Bells spilling from my large front pot garden!
So pretty!  The red-tail grass in the back has put up it's first head. I hope get a nice pic, when it's put up a few more and is more developed.
This pot is themed on oranges and red tones. The orange day lily in it is a re-bloomer, so I expect a repeat bloom from it in the near future and, of course, the purple and red petunias are thriving.

Okay, now let me re-tell this amusing conversation I had.
This was last Saturday and one of the guys in our ministry had invited everyone to his house to watch him set off some fireworks he's purchased.
So, my husband and I are sitting in the living room, waiting for others to arrive.
Taylor Kitsch

We have 2 Randy's in the group and this conversation involves us and the 2 Randy's. For identification sake I'll call the first, Randy W, and the second, Randy-Paul.
We also, as a group,  had recently seen "John Carter From Earth," starring Taylor Kitsch only a couple days earlier.
Randy W has arrived and is seated in the adjacent chair to mine. He's recently gotten out of the Air Force, is  6', overweight and doesn't like things being about looks.
He said to me, "I didn't like Taylor Kitsch in John Carter."
Personally, I thought Taylor great in the role, but, for conversation's sake, humored him by asking,"So, who would you have preferred?"
"Johnny Depp," Randy W replied.
I guffawed, "Johnny Depp is not built enough."
My husband added, "He's
not muscly enough to be in a movie requiring him to run around shirtless all the time."
Randy W retorted," But it's Mars. It has a lighter gravity. You don't need to be muscly there."
I blinked at him. "We're talking about reality-reality here on Earth, where actors need to be muscly."
My response didn't faze him, however, because he said it again later. Anyway, we were still rambling through other actor ideas, when Randy-Paul arrived.
 Now Randy Paul is 5'-10", very fit and well-toned. He's also new in our group and, of the two, is the older, since he didn't join the Air Force until after 4 years of college and a year of teaching junior high.
We told Randy-Paul what we were talking about as he sat down, that RandyW didn't like Taylor Kitsch and we were discussing who else he might like better.
At this point, Randy W again repeated his suggestion of Johnny Depp as a better choice.
Randy-Paul immediately snorted, "Johnny Depp is not cut enough."
 I pointed at Randy-Paul and said, "Thank you! That's exactly what I said."
It made me feel so completely exonerated to have this fit guy agree with me about Depp's lack of physique.
To this, Randy W just repeated his earlier statement about Mars having lighter gravity, so being muscly shouldn't matter.
*Gaaagh. Face-plant*


Hilda said...

Those are gorgeous! You have such beautiful flowers.

Johnny Depp as John Carter??! LOL!! If it was a parody, looking at a hot skinny man, it would fit. LOL!!!!! Oh man, that is funny! :D

Hilda said...

I ordered the Disney shirt for my brother for his birthday and I bought a stationary from your store. :) That was fun!

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