Thursday, July 26

Mama Kat Prompt Day: Crafts!

Mama Kat's Prompt today is: "When was the last time you made something with your hands and what was it?"

Yay, "show and tell" craft day!
Conveniently, I took a beading class yesterday and made this bracelet!

The 3 larger turquoise beads in the middle are my own, taken from an old costume jewelry necklace I took apart.
It's funny how contact with skin and alcohol from perfumes and so on can cause gold-coated plastic beads to peel over time.
That's what happened to this necklace. Though, the turquoise beads were fine and couldn't bear to just throw it away.
I have several necklace's with good parts just like that I'm holding onto to do a re-build on,
which is the reason I took the beading class.
(Waste not, want not I say.)
Everything other then those 3 beads was purchased at the store. Luckily, I found companionable turquoise beads to go with it there, considering it is a very small entrepreneurial craft shop with a limited selection.It's tones of turquoise and bronze/gold. There are 4 tiny squares set with rhinestones and the rhinestone charm also, because I like a bit of sparkle.
Prices of beads ranged from 5 cents apiece to 99 cents apiece in this one.
The key thing to learn is how to connect the wire to the clasps.
The most difficult and most fun part is choosing your materials and design.
The "class" consisted of just me. It was one on one instruction.
She explained the equipment, the technique and the necessary tools.
My intention is to shop around at the larger craft stores, get the tools and take this up as a hobby for gifts and personal use.


May said...

I am afraid this work is too precise for me to find it relaxing, but the pay off looks fabulous.

Morgan said...

Lovely! My sister has a wonderful collection of beads and supplies and it is always a delight to sit and create something beautiful to wear or share! And every time I wear those pieces, I think of her! A double win! :)

Thanks for visiting Snapshots!

Jerralea said...

Your bracelet is gorgeous! Great idea to salvage pieces from your necklace. I think that is called being "crunchy?" Anyway, kudos to you.

Alissa | said...

Love that you made something so recently. It's really pretty.

CJ said...

I like this. I like turquoise, too, and I like that you reused what you could from another piece. I have a pr. of earrings that were my great grandmother's with turquoise, but set in gold. I have been looking for something to match them, but almost everything with turquoise is in silver, so maybe I ought to get into beading (although I really don't need one more thing to use up my time, money or space.)

To see my response to Mama Kat's prompt (my handmade items):

Stacey Queen of Rants and Ramblings said...

Wow... thanks so much for stopping over to my blog from Polyvore... I have become a bit of a Poly-addict lately and have sadly neglected my blogging responsiblities. But I am back at it.... :) Great blog btw...

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