Wednesday, July 4

Wednesday Garden Pics: Petunias & Bi-color Hibiscus

Since for July 4th, 2012, I thought this pic of my red and white petunia's would be appropriate!
You can also see my pretty miniature roses below it.
(The petunia's are in a pot; the rose is in the ground next to it.)
Petunias need frequent dead-heading and tend to get long and leggy as they bloom out.  I snip those legs and "train" them to be bushy with a limited drape. This forces them to sprout new growth.

The next photo, below, is a shot of one of my Hardy Hibiscus I have in the front yard next to the parking spot. Notice one bloom is red and the other, pink. Yet this is one plant from a single root.
It's uniquely bi-color. The pink portion of the plant didn't bloom last year, so I didn't know.
I plan on trying to save seed from this Hibiscus to see if I can luck into more.

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Hilda said...

Beautiful flowers!! :D

You are very welcome for the high praise. You deserve it! :D Yes, I thought of what you said about Polyvore and I just registered and gave it a try. I'm just waiting to have the book available for sale (soon) to make one for it with it's link. That was a wonderful idea you have about using Polyvore for advertizing my book. Thank you so much my friend! May God bless you always and grant you all of your wishes. :D **big hugs**

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