Thursday, September 13

Mama Kat Prompt Thursday: Sounds

Welcome to blogging prompt day!
Last week I told a story about being "scolded" by a customer wheile working at a flower shop. That elicited numerous comments of similar consumer abuse experiences. Even my mother recalled being harangued over the phone years ago as a young woman working in a store by a lady dissatisfied with the lack of timely delivery of whatever she ordered.. Mother said she said something like, "Now you get on a bicycle right now and get that over here," during her tirade.
I didn't ask the era, but guess 1940's sometime.
Unfortunately, some things never change.

This weeks prompt is:
"Listen to the sounds in your house for 5 or 10 minutes. Write about what you hear."

What sounds do I hear in my house?
I took a walk around to listen. In this room, where my computer is, the ceiling fan, which is a cheap small size fan we installed, has never run quietly. It's has a noticeable creaking sort of hum that's least annoying at high speed.
The A/C came on and whispered through the ceiling vent for a few minutes.
When I walked through the living room "looking" for what I could hear, I heard things I'm so used to, I don't "hear" them anymore. Things like the roof fan that vents heat out of the attic has a recognizable faint hum, if I seek to hear it. The refrigerator runs with a slight electronic buzz and I turned the standing fan on when I came in from outside a short time ago, which is softly blowing.

Since it's a weekday morning, no neighbors are running noisy gas-powered mowers, so the various electronic sounds are all there are to hear in my house.
I don't care for music playing and I turn the television on only at lunch to watch a Stargate SG-1 episode while I eat.

The cat is presently asleep in another room, though she will often come in and say, "meow," to me or will makes sounds playing during the day and I talk to her, but that's all there is until my husband comes home.


kaye said...

losts of sounds to hear even when we think it is quiet. kaye—the road goes ever ever on

Karen and Gerard said...

Our ceiling fans are noisy too.

Kim@Co-Pilot Mom said...

Soounds like a very quiet time at your house. It is amazing the sounds that are there even during the quiet, though.

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