Thursday, October 18

Mama Kat Prompt Thursday: Favorite Fall Recipe!

It's raining today. Poured for a couple hours this morning. Some thunder---which means the pool at the Y was closed, so no water aerobics today!
Instead I've been diligently working on my calender design. There's alot to it---a front, a back plus 12 pages.
It's coming out gorgeous, though! 

On to the Mama Kat Prompt topic for today:
"Share a favorite fall recipe!"

Every year, on the Sunday closest to Halloween, I always make "Spooky Chili and Wiener Mummies"---though that's just a clever name make the meal more festive, when it's really whatever chili I make and pigs-in-a-blanket.

I have several different chili recipes I commonly use, but this year, one of the young Air Force guys. who attends our weekly Sunday night Bible Study, said, while he'll eat chili, it "doesn't impress him."

I figure he's thinking of all the regular, ordinary chili he's had up to now.
Because of that, I'm going to make what I consider one of my more "impressive" chili recipes this year---I'm making the more unique tasting Baked Bean Chili!
It has the wonderful maple-flavor from the baked beans!

(It does include either ground beef or turkey---it's just the type of bean that is different and makes it special!)
  Baked Bean Chili
2 pounds ground beef (or ground chicken or turkey)
3 cans (28 oz each) baked beans
1 can (46 oz)  tomato juice
1 can (11 and 1/2 oz) V8 juice
1 envelope chili seasoning
In a dutch oven, brown ground meat until no longer pink. Drain grease, as needed. Stir in remaining ingredients. Bring to a boil, then reduce heat and simmer, uncovered 15 minutes. (I usually let it simmer 30 to 45 minutes) Yields 24 servings.
"Wiener Mummies" (Pigs-in-a Blanket)
For these, I prefer to use a nitrate-free brand such as Oscar Meyer Uncured Angus dogs.
And I also make my own baking powder biscuit dough to wrap them with, but you can use canned crescent dough as well. 
The biscuit recipe makes about 12 biscuits, so it will need to be roughly doubled for every 2 packs of wieners you want to serve. Just cut it into long triangle shapes & roll up the wiener. You can add a strip of cheese if you like.
 The baking powder biscuit dough holds up better on the wieners that are leftover and re-heats very nicely the next day!


Raising Texas said...

As much as I love to cook, I have NEVER made a bean only Chili. Sounds like a great and simple recipe and definitely a lot of fun for when my daughter gets a little older. Found you via the Writer's Workshop. Great post!

Carol said...

Yumm! I love chili in the Fall. I can't wait to try this one. Sounds simple to make, too. You can always count on a Taste of Home recipe. I haven't made pigs in a blanket forever. I think I will have to make some for the grandkiddies. Thanks for sharing.

kelley jensen said...

that sounds like so much fun for a Halloween supper.

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