Thursday, October 4

Mama Kat Prompt Thursday: Surprises!

The blog prompt for today is:
 "Share a moment when you felt surprised."

This prompt brought 2 moments of happy surprise to mind.

The first was when I in the Air Force and turning 20. I threw a birthday party for myself and invited several of the other girls who lived in the dorm with me to come. I make decorated cookies and just expected them to share the moment with me.
Then later, while was still in the Air Force and turning 24, I had birthday party thrown for me! At that time I had a bunch of Air Force friends, who were waiting as a group for me at the chow hall with a cake and everything!
I was totally surprised! It was great!
My second most memorable surprise involved a piece of jewelry my husband bought me.
He's not a confident gift buyer. He usually has to have a list from me of gift options in order to accomplish that task.
For him to just decide on his own initiative that something is the perfect gift for me is incredibly rare--but this was one of those incredibly rare occasions.
The local jewelry store happened to have Sterling Hershey Kiss Necklaces available in their display case and since we collect chocolate-related items, he, in a burst of genius, decided one of those little sterling kiss necklace would be the perfect Christmas gift for me!
I was completely surprised and it's a gift I treasure to this day.

Those are my most memorable surprises!


May said...

You collect chocolate related items? That sounds so fun!
I too am married to a non-confident gift giver so I can imagine the surprise and happiness this necklace brings you every time you wear it.

andie@multiplemama said...

I love the list idea. This may help my husband as well. But so sweet he went out on his own! :)

Melissa Cwell said...

Awww. . . these are great memories for you! What an adorable necklace too.

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