Wednesday, October 10

Wednesday Garden Pics: 2nd Place!

It's been cool here in north Florida---upper 57 to 64 at night, still up in low 80's during the day, but not humid.
A/C has been off since the 1st. Just don't need it. Opening the doors and using fans in the evenings is enough.
Soon I'll be getting out the winter long sleeved shirts and putting away all my summer shirts!

We do have autumn here---but since it's the cold that triggers tree color, deciduous trees in our region, such as cypress, maples, sycamores & scrub oaks, don't show color until near the end of November into early December. 
But when they do, they look quite attractive dotted amidst all the green of the pines.

A guy from New England at Bible study the other night had a funny nickname native easterners call tourists who visit their region to see the fall color: "Leaf Peepers."
I laughed. I'd never heard that expression before!
In our region we call northerners, including the many Canadians, who come here to Florida to hide from winter in their own regions: "Snowbirds."
Today's Photo is one I submitted to an About.Com gardening group called "Over the Garden Gate" that has monthly garden photo contests.
(Unfortunately, no prizes.)
I don't always enter, but September's contest happened to be one I could enter themed on "Garden Ornaments." So I submitted this shot of my teacups full of Hens & Chicks.
I placed 2nd!
I'm going to mow today and move a few plants around, including some grass I think.
Also my new Christmas stamp designs were approved.
They're currently featured at my Zazzle store and scrolling on the flash panel!
I've also set up a special Holiday feature section at my own
 Bevstuff website! 
On Friday, I'll post all the Christmas stamps and Christmas cards I've designed on a special page here @ Choice Morsels!
My friend asked about a New Year's stamp and that will give me time to put one together to include!

I also re-did my Herb & Spice Font Design teapot and mug set, so they both have a fresh look!
For a tea lover, a cute herb teapot and matching mug would make a great gift!

Have a great day!

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Pride In Photos said...

Thank you for visiting This post about the New Englander sharing his terminology "Leaf Peepers" Major love this story. I am going to tell everyone this at the Mah Jongh party tomorrow....they will get such a kick out of it.
Laurie @ Pride in Photos

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