Monday, November 19

Good Eating Monday: Flavor That Turkey!

Today, we're going to talk Turkey, since it's Thanksgiving week---specifically ways to flavor that bird you plan to roast in oven.
This list of suggestions is from Better Home & Gardens website, which you can go to using the link below for specific directions & pictures for each of these methods:
(I only mention those related to oven roasting)

1)  Brush bird with oil and rub a homemade spice mixture into the skin.

2) Infuse your turkey with a simple marinade of orange juice and olive oil.
3)  Infuse your turkey with a seasoned liquid.
4) Apply a glaze: a third of the way through roasting apply a sweet apple jelly mixed with brandy & sage. (recipe at link above)
5) Brine your bird. This method involves soaking your bird in a seasoned brine 8 to 12 hours in advance of roasting.
6) Crust you turkey: Put together a crusting mix of marmalade, hazelnuts & spices to coat your bird with. (recipe at link above)
7) Fill the Turkey cavity prior to roasting: BH&G has a onion-garlic recipe. In the past I've stuffed the inside with cut-up citrus, like lemons or oranges plus garlic and a sprig of Rosemary.
Onething they didn't mention on their list was pushing fresh herbs under the skin before roasting.
Perhaps you have a special family recipe for how you roast turkey you'd like to share?
If so, please share it in a comment!

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