Thursday, November 1

Mama Kat Prompt Thursday: Favorite Costume!

The Mama Kat prompt challenge for today is:
"Describe a favorite Halloween costume you once wore."
I've worn many costumes over the years. One manager for the flower shop I used to work at had a fun spirit and had us all dress in costume for Halloween. Since I sew, I put together numerous costumes. One was a Musketeer outfit modeed after Disney's "Three Musketeers" with Chris O'Donnell---but my all time favorite costume was the one I made the year "Batman Forever," came out!
I bought some Irish green fabric, some black fabric thick enough to make question mark appliques with, some iron-on adhesive and made myself a full-blown Riddler suit, including the Nehru collar!
 The hat and mask, too!
I bought some red costume hair paint, put my long hair up, sprayed the sides to capture the "red hair" look, applied black costume eye make-up around my eyes, put my mask and hat on---and
 I was The Riddler!
Of course, I'm not anywhere as thin and tall as Jim Carey---still I had an authentic look.

I wore the costume not only for work on Halloween, but kept it on to greet my trick-or-treater's with that evening!
So, when a man with his 4 year old boy came to my door, I stepped out to offer the child to reach into my green fabric "Riddler" bag for some candy.
The little boy's eyes grew large as saucers as he looked at me and he took a step back. In a voice of awe he asked,
"Are you him?"

I suppose if I were a better actor, I'd would have struck a pose and said a grand, "Riddle me, this," but instead, I just laughed and said I wasn't.
The Father smiled and the boy took some candy, but as I watched them walk away down the sidewalk, the child kept looking over his shoulder back at me.

I know I made that child's Halloween, but that
 response is what makes this costume my favorite of all I've ever worn!
(Sorry---no actual photos of me in that costume because they aren't available.)



Jerralea said...

Great story! I'm just disappointed you didn't show us a photo of you as the Riddler.

Jessica said...

AWESOME!!!! Love it! I love seeing people dressed up WHILE giving out the candy.

Visiting from Mama Kat's!
Jessica from

Carol said...

Way to have fun! I think you should have played along with the boy's response with the riddle.

Barbara said...

Great story! I love that you made his Halloween!!

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