Thursday, February 28

Banana Thursday: Epic Floor Destruction Pics

 I was going to do a Mama Kat prompt today, but I'm not up to it---sooo tired. I'm sleeping, but get up everyday still tired. It's stress from being in this state of disorder with this floor installation.
They arrived late this morning due to having to a first stop for a "quick" repair that didn't turn out that quick.
Turns out that spot where the sewer pipe that been replaced back in the mid-nineties, well, that patch cement there wasn't quite 100% dry. Is that unbelievable or what? That's why the edges of it's sheet vinyl patch started coming peeling up. The floor guys had us run the heat at 70 all night to dry to it out. A bit warm for me, but it did the trick.
Another thing---we were concerned about some of the wood trim getting a little beat up during removal, since it's supposed to go back on. One piece was snapped. Granted, it's 20 odd years old, but still---so, I talked with them about that this morning.

 I also went around with my orange furniture oil oiling all the trim. A bunch is outside on the patio and I know they could see me through the glass sliding door oiling it---so they had both a verbal and visual notice that it's condition does matter to us.
Thankfully, they also took off for a trash run at 11:30 giving me a chance to get into the kitchen and microwave a piece of leftover lime coconut curry chicken. Yum.
So, today, instead of Mama Kat, I have epic in-progress pictures of my floor make-over:
First a "before" pic of the original sheet vinyl looking toward the guest bath, which has white sheet vinyl.


Next, that old vinyl in a huge scrap heap.
 A view of the kitchen, which has a sunny, south-facing bay window. That's the stove there, in the middle of the floor to the right.
It wasn't as bad under it as I expected when we pulled it out, considering it hasn't been moved in 20 years!
Lastly, a peek into our den where we're holed up while the floor work is getting done.

Come back Monday for Good Eating and "after" pics of the new floor!

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