Monday, February 4

Good Eating Monday: Easy Jambalaya

Welcome to the first full week of February!
Did you watch the Super Bowl?
Did you like the commercials? I can think of a couple I never want to see again.
Our singles put on a Super Bowl gathering up at the Lighthouse Airman Center on base, so I go with my husband to that, though I don't understand the intricacies of football all that well. I can tell  which way the balls going and who's winning, but that's about it.
Today's Good Eating Topic is a great comfort food: Jambalaya!

I got the recipe from, doubled the quantities, served it last Sunday with cornbread and got rave reviews!
It's called "Easy Cajun Jambalaya"
and you can get the recipe here:
It just uses chicken & sausage. It calls for red pepper for heat, but I think a small diced jalapeno, seeds removed, would make a good replacement.
For cornbread, I just buy a ready-made mix.
I prefer Jiffy because it calls for both eggs & milk. (One 10x13 pan requires 3 boxes.)
 Still it's a little dry, so I've found adding around 1/3 cup unsweetened applesause puts some moisture in it.

Also I like to ramp my cornbread up with additions: 1/2 to 1 cup frozen corn, 1/8 cup diced peppercini's (or a drained can of diced green chilis would work) and, sometimes, 1/2 cup shredded 2% milk cheddar cheese.
If you like really spicy cornbread, a tablespoon or two of diced jalapeno will zing it up!
Other News:Finally---after stalling over the decision for literally years---I actually took the leap of committing to visiting a flooring store.
The majority of our home is vinyl floor: the kitchen, living room, hall, large hall closet & guest bath. It's 24 year old original builder-installed sheet vinyl that really, really needs replacing, but both the decision of and the chaos involved in clearing so much area out to get the job done scares me.
It will be like moving. Stuff will have be boxed, furniture tucked away and the wall-of-ceiling ventilated shelves in the walk-in storage closet will have to emptied and dismantled. That will be a monster job. (In my mind, anyway.)
Plus I rate choosing a flooring right up there with choosing a marriage partner---because you're going to have to live with what you choose a really long time. 
So the worry of picking "just the right color" has kept me hemming and hawing.

Though, I have known exactly what type of flooring I wanted for some time:  Manninton Adura luxury vinyl, which is squares of hard-backed vinyl. I'm getting the tile-looking type, which includes an acrylic grout in the seams, perfect for a kitchen and bath.
It will have the look of ceramic without the negatives of ceramic.
(Ceramic is cold, hard, breakable & often slippery when wet.)
Laminates were also out. Seams vulnerable to water penetration and generally scratching issues. 

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