Thursday, February 7

Mama Kat Thursday: What Color Is My Personality?

  The question inquiring minds want to know from
Mama Kat today is:

"If you were on a job interview and the interviewer asked you what color best described your personality, what would you say?
(inspired by blogger Jamie Miles)
As a knee-jerk response, I might be tempted to say,"green."
It's my favorite color.
Though, I don't mean Irish green when I say that. I mean olive green.
But does that really represent my personality?
On deeper reflection, I say "no."
So what color does reflect my personality?
Years ago, a friend remarked to me that I was "flamboyant."
Now flamboyant means "dashingly colorful or strikingly showy." 
It fills my mind with fiesta images, swirling orange and yellow skirts and brightly colored pinatas.
It sounds exuberant and fun.
 I do wear the strong teals and purples of my autumn palette all the time, plus coordinated necklaces, showy earrings and scarves.
I guess I stand out like a peacock in a gray room.
I keep telling my husband, when I'm 75, everyone will know me because I'll be the silver haired girl running about in gold loafers, red lipstick and driving a sports car!
So, if I'm flamboyant, what color am I? 
Orange means passion, energy, happiness, enthusiasm, fascination, creativity.
It's the color of fire, bright, provocative.
Orange also has a sense of humor, a dry wit that comes up with unexpected observations that makes everyone laugh.

Yup, that's me, Miss Flamboyant.
 Definitely orange.

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Carol said...

Way to go, Ms. Flamboyant! I often wished to be able to dress like that. When I try, I get stressed, and go back to my blue jeans and safe colors. I don't like to draw attention to myself. I'm an observer.

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