Monday, March 18

Good Eating Monday: Quick Snack Cakes

Greetings! Another new Monday!
My husband came with me to my interval class at the YMCA this morning. He lasted only 30 min. He was doing the cardio section a little too high impact, then using too heavy weights for the strength portions. I didn't think he'd believe a mere 5 lb weight adequate if I'd suggested he limit himself to that.  Though, it is. And there is a learning curve of endurance one must build, too.
He's going to try it again next Monday, though with lighter weights and lower-impact cardio moves.

We had a leak under the guest bath sink and because the carpeted guest bedroom is next door, the carpet soaked up a goodly amount along that side of the room. Luckily, numerous cardboard boxes out of the storage closet were sitting there and they help asorb it. So, I've had fans blowing on the carpet and the vanity for several days now.
Today's Good Eating topic is cake-mix based "Quick Snack Cakes."

I call them coffee cake, since it's a sweet square of cake traditionally served with a hot drink either after a meal or as a snack, but I now steer away from that term, since people assume "Coffee Cake," means it has coffee in it, which isn't true.

These recipes replace the oil & water in the cake mix recipe with either fruit or pie filling, which makes them lower fat. You can also lower sugar content by using sugar-free pie fillings and, in this case, mandarins in natural juice or lite juice. 
So I invented this "Orange Snack Cake," which is delicious:

1 box white cake mix
1 15oz can mandarin oranges (don't drain. you'll use juice, too.)
3 egg whites

Pour cake mix in bowl, add egg whites and pour in whole can of mandarin oranges, including juice. Mix on low with mixer until well combined, then mix at high 2 minutes till smooth. Pour into greased 10 x 13 baking pan and bake at 350 for 30-32 min.
Let cool.
Either dust with a little powdered sugar before cutting or mix up a light, thin glaze of powdered sugar with a bit of orange zest added.
Cut into 24.
Other Quick Snack Cakes:
Black Forest: Combine 1 chocolate cake mix with 1 can cherry pie filling plus the number of eggs on the box recipe (2 to 3) plus 1/2 cup water..Mix on high 2 min, pour in greased 10x13 baking pan at 350 for about 30 min. Cool. Either serve with whipped cream or frost with whipped cream. Cut into 24.
Cinnamon Apple:  Combine 1 box yellow cake mix with 1 can apple pie filling and 2 eggs. Mix on high 2 min, pour into a greased 10x13 baking pan. Sprinkle top of cake mixture with cinnamon-sugar, then bake at 350 for about 30 min. Cool and serve. Cut into 24.
A friend just gave me a quick cake recipe that uses a German Chocolate mix and the coconut-pecan frosting to try that makes more of a brownie then a cake.
It just might be next Monday's Good Eating recipe!

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