Friday, March 8

Mama Kat Thursday: 10 Random Things

Unfortunately, Mama Kat Thursday turned into Friday because I needed to get the guest bath back together yesterday for dinner company and that took an unexpected amount of time---though it looks beautiful!
I liked the prompt, so decided to post it anyway.

The prompt was: to share 10 random things I know how to do: 
1) I write. I have a ton of fan fiction to my name and, on occasion, I can wax poetic. I wrote an original spring haiku for the Spring Daffodil Haiku card I designed and posted in my Zazzle store.

2)  I know how to sew outfits, though I haven't for awhile. To get the sewing machine out for a clothing project means a mess on the dining room table for at least a concentrated week of my attention.

3)  I know how to crochet and I enjoy doing yarn projects like afghans, baby blankets and pot holders.

The repaired trim as it looks now.
4)  Turns out I know how to fix my trim. I just trotted down to Ace Hardware, got fresh finish nails, a nail-set tool and wood putty. I have to credit all those years of watching my Dad, who was a hobby carpenter, building things for this bit of know-how about setting finish nails.      Here's a picture of my guest bathroom trim after I'd put it back together properly.
5)  I'm the electronics-guru of the house. I know what buttons do what on the remotes and what plugs into what on our component stereo systems and my husband doesn't.

6)  When we had one, I knew how to clean and re-oil the gas lawn mower sponge air filter to keep it unclogged. (I use strictly electric now---zero maintenance.)
7)  I know how to paint and spackle, so all the interior care like that is my province. I actually love running around with a putty knife looking for cracks and crevices to spackle. I enjoyed grouting the spots the floor install guys missed, too. If it spreads with a putty knife---I love it!
8)  I know how to drive a stick. Both our vehicles are manual trans.
I guess I'm kinda of a car-snob, because I don't think anything else is real driving.
9) It's in the family of writing to say, but I write my own Bible study material as needed. My husband, too. Sometimes we'll work together creating what we need if there's no pre-printed study guides available on a given topic. A fun study I created was called "Biblical History Detective," and we did "case studies" of various old testament stories, "who, what, where & why" questions like "detectives."
10)  I haven't always lived in the south. I know how to drive in snow.
Well, that's if for this late Mama Kat Prompt!
Enjoy your weekend and be sure and come back Monday for Good Eating!

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