Wednesday, June 26

Garden Pic Wednesday: Blackberries

Today, I went to Y for my bi-weekly interval training. I've never used paper plates for a work-out before, but turns out sliding that plate back and forth on the floor with your toe is a really good workout for the legs and bum!
Anyway, today's Garden Pic is a "before and after" blackberry collage:
First the pretty white blossoms, then later, a multitude of berries!

The blackberries are pretty much done now and I need to cut back the old canes that bore this years berries.
New growth is already springing up for next years bearing.
I put the berries in containers in the freezer as I pick them and intend to make blackberry jam.
We saw Monsters University last weekend. It's about how Mike & Sully became friends and Scarers. It's a prequel to Monsters, Inc.
I observed at least two ethical themes in the movie:
#1) Anyone can succeed, regardless of what they look like.
#2) By working hard, you can achieve any dream."
Be sure to come back for Mama Kat Thursday!

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