Wednesday, October 16

Garden Pic Wednesday: Flower Bed Pumpkin

And how do you decorate for Halloween?
For me, this is it. An electric pumpkin in the front flower bed to greet kids hoping for a sweet treat!
This is my new one. It's plastic---unlike my previous pumpkin I'd had for years and years that was comprised of like a hard styrofoam  that was too old to take being dropped on the garage floor when I was re-organizing this past spring! Oopsie! 

Garden Pic of the Day:

I also got 2 awesome gorgeous photos of a Monarch Butterfly with wings fully open over the past 2 days.
It's tricky photographing butterflies. You have to stealthily trail around after them, then stand very, very still with camera on them, patiently waiting for just the right second.
 The Monarch likes to sip with it's wings closed for the most part, but this one was fanning it's wings open every so often, but only for a split-second!
Believe me, I got a lot of photos of the back edge of his wings already closed again in my effort to click that button fast enough to catch it! But with persistence, I finally managed to capture 2 very good photos of him with his wings wide open!
Yes, as it turns out, it is a "he".
There are two black dots built into the black lines on the lower wings of a male Monarch that distinguish it from a female.
Since my 2014 Critter Calendar is already published for this season, I'll have to save him for the 2015 issue.
Come back for another Halloween themed Mama Kat!

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