Thursday, October 10

Mama Kat Thursday: Pumpkin Patch Jack O'Lanterns

The Mama Kat prompt topic for today is: 
"A Pumpkin Patch Post!"

I'm always taking pictures of stuff with visions of doing something creative with them. A couple years ago, we were in Indiana visiting family and we had a chance to go to a local Apple Festival at a apple farm with my sister's family. 
Of course, the orchard was open for picking-your-own-apples and ,for a fee, you could hike the orchard, picking your own choice of 20 lbs worth of fat apples, then buy fried biscuits and apple butter to snack on from the snack shack.
Being a farm, they sold more then apples. You could buy farm-made apple cider or winter squashes, like butternut or acorn, or pretty Indian corn and gourds to decorate with or pumpkins--lots and lots of pumpkins were spread everywhere you looked on the grass!
The picture below is one of my original pictures of that vast array of pumpkins:

Then, using the magic of my computer graphics program, this is what I did with that photo: I put unique Jack O' Lantern faces on all those assorted pumpkins, turning them into a cool card and stamp for Halloween!
Make no mistake---creating all these faces was quite time consuming!

That's my pumpkin patch tale!


Shana Norris said...

So cute. Did you add the faces with Photoshop?

kaybee said...

This is a great idea, so creative. I love how the pumpkins have different faces.

Thanks for stopping by!

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