Wednesday, October 30

Wednesday Garden Pic: Winter Garden

We belong to a YMCA that's located up in the plaza, about 2 miles away from where we live. There future has been up in the air for over a year now--particularly since they had to close the pool area. Truthfully, the whole Emerald Coast YMCA, which consists of about 5 Y's spread throughout the community, has been operating in the red. They are terrible at managing their money over all. This Y branch near us has not, to date, even paid it's debt for all the remodeling done initially to open it 7 years ago.
Today I got the news that it's officially closing on Dec 15.
This means my husband and I need to find a new fitness location we can both go to that is also nearby.
So, I did a little on-line research for local fitness centers and, guess what, there is a Snap Fitness center about another mile down the road from where the Y is that would cost us less to belong to monthly then the monthly fee were presently paying for our decrepit & failing YMCA!
That Snap place must be really new--since it's the second one to open. Plus it's an equipment workout place--which my husband likes.
So, I think we'll be driving down to check them out very soon!

Today's Garden Pic is of my new winter garden:
The back two rows are broccoli; the front two are red cabbage

Not in view on this photo is baby Romaine in an unmulched portion of the garden that I need to separate and spread out into a row. Plus I want to plant a row of beet seeds.

Also, my cilantro didn't seed itself well this season, so I planted fresh cilantro seed in the planter yesterday. I like it for Mexican recipes throughout the winter months. 
Here in Florida, cilantro season is Oct thru about February. When it starts getting warm it goes to seed, then dies back until fall.
Did you know cilantro doesn't like being transplanted?
 Better to start it from seed exactly where you want it to grow!
Come back tomorrow for another Mama Kat prompt and it's a good one!

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