Thursday, November 7

Bananas Thursday: Pinterest Fun

I didn't find any appealing prompts in Mama Kat's suggestions today, which means today I get to GO BANANAS and post what I want!
That being the case, I declare today a "Pinterest Fun" day!

All the following photos either gave me a smile or a laugh.

Finding friends with the same mental disorder as you...Priceless!

Captain Jack Sparrow as Mona Lisa! Yo-ho!

 "We're taking the Tribbles to Isengard.
A Hobbit story reference, since Kirk and Spock are clearly wearing their Hobbit adventure clothes!

Barbie and Ken dolls cleverly attired in Firefly TV series attire:
In Barbie's world, she's been an astronaut, an airline stewardess, a cowgirl, a nurse---but Mattel never thought of this one! !

Come back tomorrow for Fridays Finds!

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