Wednesday, November 13

Garden Pic Wednesday: The Other Block Project

Time to see the other half of my castlewall block project!
You can see the blocks stacked around the project area in the photo below:
This are where the two shrubs are is actually mound of ground higher then the rest of the yard. Really it was mound of higher ground surrounding a large pine tree the builder just left intact when the land was cleared for the house. We had the tree removed years ago, though it's stump and roots are still there. (Pines take an exceptionally long time to deteriorate because their veins are filled with pine sap rather then water.)
But that doesn't bother the Lantana or the Azalea bushes that occupy the area.

Next photo is what I accomplished on the project today:
(Just me by myself in about 2 hours.)

This end pictured is the highest end allowing a 3 high block row in front, but only in front. It won't be that high all around. The surrounding yard is higher on the sides and back, so the block rows will quickly reduce down to two, then just a single row as I work around.
(You can see blocks stacked between the bushes, waiting to be put in place.)
Good news is a project like this reduces grass, since I had to remove a foot wide swath!
Also I can re-engineer some of the mound landscaping, such as getting rid of the very old plain yellow Lantana that is presently there and replacing it with a new prettier color!
It's great for attracting butterflies and care-free.
Also the current Lantana is badly infested with invasive & pesty wild blackberry vines and to root those out means removing both. Though I will try to relocate the blackberry, because it's good bird food, but it doesn't always like my idea of a good location.
Come back tomorrow for Mama Kat!

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