Thursday, February 13

Mama Kat Thursday: Valentine Craftiness

Today's Mama Kat prompt topic is:
"A Valentine inspired craft!"

I don't often do anything for Valentines--years working in a flower shop really burnt me out on it. Still---once in a blue moon---a mood to do something creative will come over me.
This was one of those blue moon years.
Because I used to make Christmas pin ornaments, I have literally tons of assorted sequins of all shapes and sizes that I've had for years, just sitting in my craft drawer doing nothing. 
I also love blank card stock. I keep a box of multi-color card stock & envelopes on hand, because I like to recycle cards I receive for birthdays and anniversary's into "new" refurbished cards.
I don't know why it hasn't occurred to me before--but it suddenly came to me this week that with sequins plus card stock I could make some home-made Valentine magic!
 So I promptly out the rubber cement and got busy.
Below is photo example of one such card: a heart wreath of sequins. I also made several with hand-lettering and just heart sequin accents.
I hope everyone I sent them to likes them.

 (I even made one for my husband---though he doesn't know it yet!) 
Yup, you can do a lot with some card stock
 and a little imagination!


kelley jensen said...

so simple! so cute! kelley at the road goes ever ever on

Mama Kat said...

They turned out fabulous! Way to use materials that you already own and turn them into something that is going to make people feel special. :)

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