Thursday, July 10

Mama Kat Thursday: A Sweaty Problem

The Mama Kat prompt today is the word: "Glistening."

Glistening immediately brings perspiration to mind: my hubby's perspiration in particular.
Actually, he's NOT a sweaty guy, but he does have a sweaty problem: about a year ago his armpits developed an allergy to stick antiperspirant.
He's been using Old Spice deodorant and, before that, Brut for decades with an occasional dose of Speed Stick. 
(He's over 60.)
But, sometimes, as we age, our bodies change, and a sudden onset of a sensitivity to something isn't uncommon.
So we tried switching brands. 
We bought some Arm & Hammer stick deodorant. His armpit didn't like that either.
He tried my Secret, the one strong enough for a man, but made for a woman--and, nope. He reacted to it, too.
So, he gave up deodorant altogether and just started using Gold Bond Powder spray instead.  At least it wasn't irritating.
But Gold Bond has no deodorizing properties, a fact he recently aired his dissatisfaction with.
"I wake up at night with my arms over my head," he said," turn my head and get a whiff of my armpit and pew! We need to find some kind of deodorant I can use!"
So, back to the grocery deodorant aisle we went.
 I saw some Tom's of Maine deodorant on the shelf. That's supposed to be all-natural right? Let's try that.
Well, two days later his armpits reacted to the Tom's by starting to itch and turn red. 
Forget that.
So, I said, "Let me see what sort of natural, homemade deodorant alternatives I can find in Pinterest."
I didn't want to make anything wet or creamy, so I went with a dry cornstarch & baking soda combo recipe and added a shake of Gold Bond to pat under his arms with a powder-puff.
So far, it seems to work for him. I mean, he hardly sweats and what seems smelly to his nose, no one else on earth would notice. 
I gave the cornstarch mix a shot last night and, for me, it's not enough. I glisten far too much for mere cornstarch & baking soda to handle.

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The recipe for cornstarch/baking soda deodorant powder, by the way, is: 
1 part baking soda to 6 parts cornstarch; mix, put in a container & apply with a puff as needed.


Abby said...

Now, THAT's a dilemma! Seems strange that even the "natural" stuff is irritating to him, but good for you for helping out. "Glisten" is a much nicer word than "sweat". Thanks for stopping by my place!

Janice Trinh | Gathering Graces said...

Oh interesting post! I never would've thought deodorants could be a problem someday. I hope you guys resolve the problem soon - for everybody's sake! ;-)

TMW Hickman said...

Glisten is indeed a better word than 'sweat', but it is just difficult to be comfortable if you're worried about body odor, so I understand your husband's concern. It is a good thing that you are there to help figure out an alternative--I wouldn't even know the first thing to try!

Tara said...

Some of the natural ones irritated my husband too, then I started reading the ingredients and realized the ones bugging him contained Propylene gylcol, which is a common irritant/allergen for people. So he switched to one without and has been fine. I had rashes too with the natural deodorants so switched to the crystal rock one you have to wet. Took few weeks for body chemistry to adjust but now working great!

Kathy said...

I'm so glad that you found an alternative that works for him. If he ever does more than "glisten" and needs something stronger he can always speak to a dermatologist who I'm sure would be able to suggest something.

Ken said...

Pinterest can be very useful, right? :) Glad that you are helping him out. I am not sure myself. I would rather let my husband to find the solution himself. But, lucky he is not experiencing it :)

Emily said...

Pinterest has everything doesn't it? We recently went on a search for deodorant for my almost eight year old and ended up with a stick that is made for kids and teenagers with chemicals that do not affect their prepubescent development.

Mama Kat said...

I didn't realize you could develop an allergy like that over time! There has got to be a perfect solution for him out there!

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