Wednesday, September 24

Wednesday Garden Pics: Stained Glass Hosta

Well, it's been one of those days. Today the drain in my master bath sink stopped going up and down. In fact, it fell closed. Then I just lifted right out of the hole. Apparently, whatever went through it's loop so it could opened or closed, vanished. Maybe it rusted out?
So now my bathroom sink drain is balanced on a toothpick, so water will go down and not be blocked by a shut drain.
Sigh. Something to add to my plumber to-do list that I haven't gotten around to doing anything about either.
My kitchen florescent lights have been out for months. The ballast died. But we didn't know who to call and it wasn't urgent, being there's plenty of light coming through the window through spring and summer. But with fall coming on, light will be decreasing, so time to fix. I wanted it to be local--someone on my side of town & not from 25 or 30 miles away.
Third phone call was charm. Hubby saw a truck for a local A/C & Electrical company who, in years past, did A/C checkups for us and who I'd entirely forgotten about and hadn't even noticed they also do general electrical stuff.
Their young tech came out today, confirmed it was a dead ballast & recommended it'd be less costly to just replace the light fixture then a costly ballast. (The light fixture 24 years old anyway!)  And he gave us an "open ticket," so he could come back and install whatever light fixture we purchased without having to repay a service charge. 
I thought that very fair. We don't even have to put identical fixtures up either. He was quite encouraging about the variety of modern options available, so now I'm excited to shop Lowe's light section and get an update!So, that's what we're going to do tonight! Eat at Panda Express, which is by Lowe's, then light shop!

Today's Garden Pic is one of my new Hosta's I ordered and planted earlier this year:
It's called Stained Glass and bloomed back in August.

TA point about Hostas: 
Hostas that are more yellow in color are more sun tolerant then plain green or white/green variegated Hostas
 So put your green or variegated white/green Hostas in full shade and put yellow or yellow-variegated Hostas in partial shade or dappled shade.
That's your garden tip for the day!

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