Wednesday, October 8

Garden Pic Wednesday: Fall Mums & Marigolds!

Today's accomplished garden projects include: planting 9 baby broccoli, planting the last of my Romaine lettuce seeds, planting 5 Hyacinth bulbs, so in the spring I'll have 6 instead of just 1; planting baby Easter Lily Bulbs. 
It was funny---I had a Easter Lilly in my large pot garden out front, but at end of season, I found a just dead stem with a deposit of about a dozen round, green infant bulbs around it, scattered on top of the soil.
 I collected them and saved them for planting--which I did today.
I put them around a pine tree in the woodsy area in back.
 Easter Lily's are great for naturalizing & spread by side-shoot roots as well as bulbs. They can take over a bed over a period of years.

Today's Garden Pics are Fall themed Mums & Marigolds:
First, Mums:
I recently bought these at Walmart and planted them along the front wall, because the ones I planted lasted fall have had a hard year and weren't looking so good.
I like how the sunlight was on these this morning when I took the shot:

Next: Marigolds & Red Fountain Grass: 
This pot garden is in my front bed:

I need to put out my electric pumpkin soon and the look will be complete!\
Stop back tomorrow for Mama Kat!

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