Thursday, October 16

Mama Kat Thursday: TV Shows I'd Like Back

The Mama Kat prompt topic this week is: "My list 6 retired TVshows I'd like to see come back (as good as before)."

Before I get into my list, let me qualify that I want these shows back as good as they were the first time, under the following conditions: 
 * Without making them risque & sleazy, like so many modern shows & comedies are.
 * Without adding a bunch of extra foul language.
 * And I want them to high caliber, well-written, good family hour story telling on network television.

With that said, here's my list:

#1)  The A-Team: 
But like it was with lots campy of action that didn't really kill anyone, a sense of humor and an ability to escape any situation while helping people out of a jam.
 Of course, George Peppard will remain irreplaceable.

#2)  Airwolf: 
But like it was in the first 2 seasons: helping people with lots of just plain adventure flying around in a secret, impossibly fast combat helicopter

#3)  Some kind of new, good Star Trek story:
(emphasis on "good")

#4) McGyver:
But like it was with a clean-cut, eco-minded guy who hates guns and can save the day with just what he finds under your kitchen sink.

#5)  Murder She Wrote:  But like it was with an older, classy lady mystery author with excellent taste in clothing, solving murder mysteries that she gets drawn into through friends & relatives.

#6)  Bonanza or some kind of western.
There hasn't been a good family friendly western on network TV in a coon's age. TV used to be thick with westerns.

I guess I'm way old school in my selection of shows. I would've suggested "The Dick Van Dyke Show," but I simply don't believe modern television remotely able to reproduce that show as cleanly or with as much honest humor as the original. 
So what retired TV shows would you like to see back?

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Carol said...

I'm with you... the shows have to be in their original. Don't try and bring them DOWN to modern society today. My pics are the original Charlie's Angels, Gilligan's Island, Dukes of Hazard, Highway to Heaven, and the Ghost Whisperer. For sure.. Bonanza.

Diana Davis said...

Wow, agree with most of these and agree that what's been brought forth in the past 10 years or so cannot compete with the clean, yet dramatic stuff we boomers grew up on. Our list is actually quite long.....wish Wonderful World of Disney was still on for the grandkids, How 'bout Kukla, Fran & Ollie? Who remembers that?

B Nickerson said...

I do remember Kukla, Fran & Ollie. And Disney weekly on Sunday nights with some great family movie. Thx for stopping by! :)

Crista Baasch said...

I've always been a big sitcom fan, I still don't mind watching reruns of Roseanne, King of Queens and even a few 70s shows that play on TV Land.

Anonymous said...

This is a great list... I would love for some Star Trek variety to come back.

Mama Kat said...

"As good as they were the first time"...That is the CRUCIAL most important factor when bringing back shows because any changes made to the cast and/or acting would just ruin the whole thing!

kelley jensen said...

I'm with you on Star Trek. Mr. J would love to see the A team again.

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