Wednesday, November 5

Garden Pic Wednesday: Halloween Gerber

I have a number of Gerbera Daisy's planted in my front bed that bloom according to their own whim. Some only bloom in the spring, others bloom randomly throughout the year.
Just about Halloween, even as temps were starting to drop into the 40's at night, my orange gerber, below, decided to put up a head!
Perfect timing!

I like to wear a costume for possible Trick or Treaters.
Here I am in my Musketeer costume with my fencing sword, complete with little drawn on mustache.

I made the outfit many years ago, back when I still worked at the flower shop and we all wore costumes to work on Halloween. It's modeled after the costume Musketeer uniform from the 1993 "Three Musketeers" movie:

Stop by tomorrow for Mama Kat!

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