Wednesday, November 12

Garden Pic Wednesday: Winter Broccoli & Peppers

Today I mowed the back yard--not so much for the grass, but to pick up the pine needles & bay tree leaves.
You can get a look in today's photo of what my kind of pine needles look like: they have 2 blades and range from 6 to 8 inches in length.

Today's Garden Pic of the Week is my Winter Broccoli & Peppers:
The bell pepper has been there all summer, but now that fall is here, it's taken on fresh life again!
 I had to dust the broccoli yesterday to get of some cabbage worms I saw, but soon the temperatures will cool off enough to prevent that problem altogether!
I also have a young tomato I grew from a sucker and planted late there next to the stake. It's blooming now. I decided to draped large clear plastic Yard bag over the stake to cover the tomato to create a hot-house for it. I thought it might like it better. That means, however, I have to fertilize the flowers myself!
The bedraggled pair in the back garden are also blooming again and one has one tomato on it.

Another task I did today is prep a pot garden for my carrot seeds. That "pot" is really an old cut-down garbage can from the days before the robot-arm garbage trucks, when we used to have to provide our own garbage cans for them to empty.
Once they got those robot-arm trucks, the trash company issued us garbage containers and I recycled my old plastic ones into garden pots. 
I have Atlas carrot seeds, which make round radish-like carrots instead of long ones. I've never tried them before, but I've read it's a good carrot type for pots.
I also emptied out my sweet potato from it's growing bag, but the results weren't that happy. Insects had tunneled deeply into what tubers there were and I found only one small one that was in good enough I thought I could use. 
I'll have to look up how to prevent that problem for future reference.
I broke down and bought a pair of blue Pansies to add to the pink petunias in my front walkway pot. I say that because Pansies are just an annual and won't come back again. But they tolerate the cold here and bloom throughout winter. They're everywhere in local landscaping at this time of year.
Plus I like flowers that are blue. Hopefully they'll make a nice photo!
 Come back tomorrow to see what's up for Mama Kat!

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