Thursday, November 13

Mama Kat Thursday: Lime In The Coconut

The Mama Kat blog prompt for today is: "Share a favorite song from when you were 16 yrs old...and is it still a favorite?"

Wow, that takes me back---all the way to 1972! 
That's when I was 16. The world was still reeling with Flower Children and Vietnam. Everyone, guys and girls, in high school wore shoulder-length hair parted down the middle. Teachers were being busted for pot. 
We only had 3 television channels to choose from and Princess phones were the "in" thing because they had push-buttons instead of a rotary dial.
 Turbulent times, those days.
That's about the time I started listening to the radio. I can't say any one piece of music was ever my favorite, though one had to hear whatever was popularover and over and over on the school bus all the way to school, then back again.
They tended to stick in your head, but generally not for 42 years--with the exception of one that's still with me: that song "Lime in The Coconut" or just "Coconut," originally by Harry Nilsson, lives on in infamy in my mind!
Probably because it was used so much on a series of Coco-cola commercials for their new "Coca-Cola with Lime." One couldn't watch television or listen to radio without hearing that ad dozens of times a day.
(You can view the ad here on You Tube.)
It's a good ear-worm song. 
(An ear-worm is a piece of a song that gets stuck in your head, repeating itself over and over.)
This song always seems to come up and get stuck in my head whenever I'm fixing nearly anything with coconut. It's irresistable to me to start singing, "Put the lime in the coconut..."  Pretty soon the Hubby has it, too!
Really all we know it just that one line--which is what makes it an ear-worm!
It may not have been a favorite song, but certainly it was catchy enough to stick with me all these years.
Uh-oh---because I watched the video and wrote this--it's stuck in my head, going round and round! 

So what's your most dreaded ear-worm song?
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Crista Baasch said...

Visited from Mama Kats, now that song will be stuck in MY head lol!

TMW Hickman said...

That song was also in the movie Practical Magic. My ear worms are usually so random--right now, it's "Holly Jolly Christmas"!

Antonieta Reyes said...

That song is before my time but I love it... and I had to play it as soon as I saw the title. I wan to karaoke now. :)

Cinella Reyes said...

oh yes, we've had those moments!!

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