Thursday, April 16

Mama Kat Thursday: Throwback Thursday--Garden Art

The Mama Kat blog writing prompt for today is, "Throwback Thursday: Choose a photo from last April and write about it."  

Last April's photo was this little white & blue ceramic cat that I purchased while home in Indiana last year and brought back for my large garden container in my front bed. 
I bought it to replace the previous ceramic cat that had blown apart in last years super deep freeze last January/February--at least as a central piece!
The new ceramic cat, spring 2014

But I loved that little blue ceramic cat that shattered in the freeze so much, I I glued him mostly back together and still use him in one of the smaller Amaryllis pots out front, though I store both in the garage during winter! No more weather-shattered ceramics for me!

The cat that shattered in the freeze.
Next is my newest Garden Art addition: it's part of a pretty clay pot that I'd been using on my patio for years for flowers and, this spring, the window blew it over, breaking it in half. So I plopped the biggest half here. Waste not, want not, I say.

And last, on this tour of my garden art: a pair of clay pots I painted, nested together and planted with cold hardy succulents. You can see pink Shamrocks and yellow Chinese Stonecrop flowers. My Shamrocks leaves are turning yellow--I think they've had too much water with all the rain. 

So, what sort of garden art do you decorate your beds with?
That's it for today! Thanks for visiting!

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Carol said...

Sadly I've learned to bring things in from the cold, too, if I want to keep them around for awhile. Your photos are cheerful and having me want to get outside in my garden now! One of my favorite containers to plant zinnias in is a very old used and weathered tool box.

This year I am having a banister post painted a bright lime green and ruffed up for a vintage look. Then I am going to put my son's birdhouse that he made in Scouts 20 some years ago (if I can find it!), and put it in the flower bed. I can't wait to see how the bright cheerful addition turns out. Another thing I am doing is placing an old door across two saw horses to use as a plant holder. I'm going to line it with pots of brightly shade loving flowers and plants. It will be in the shade next to the hot tub. Can't wait for this new addition either. I hope to see more of your garden this year. Visiting from Mama Kat's.

Mama Kat said...

How sad that your first ceramic kitty broke in the cold. It never would have crossed my mind that the cold would do that. You've inspired me to find some knickknacks for my garden. I would love to do a little fairy house. :)

Miss Rhei said...

' the ceramic cat on your pot. We do have a little garden but we do not put decorations on it. But I'd love to do it too coz it sure looks better.

visiting from Mama Kats

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