Wednesday, May 20

Garden Pic Wednesday: Blackberries & Purple Finch!

Because for tomorrow's Mama Kat I'll be doing the "illustrate emotions with photos," prompt, which will involve flower pictures, I'm not using any flower pictures today!
So for today's Garden Pics I have a nice shot of my Blackberries, which haven't turned "black" yet and also a Purple Finch!

The Promise of Blackberries:
These are a thornless hybrid breed of blackberry with an upright habit. They get around 5 feet tall, so I have to keep them tied to tall stakes. I have around 9 stakes worth with 2 to 3 stems on each.
They propagate themselves easily by root underground, so I'm always having to dig up and move little sprouts, which is how I get so many. 
My plan for these once I harvest them all: blackberry jam.

The Beautiful Purple Finch:
I captured this photo in Alabama actually, in March on the way to Indiana. This was in front the motel, where a small flock of them were flitting among the trees.
 A sparrow sized bird, they look like they've been dipped in raspberry juice, so more of a rosy tinge, then actual purple. The males are rosy colored all over.
They're regulars at my feeder and I enjoy seeing them. 

That's it for today! Stop back for more pictures tomorrow for Mama Kat!

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