Wednesday, June 17

Garden Pic Wednesday: Ceramic Cats In Flowers

Today I finished the last section of the yard for mowing and cleaned up day lily stems from beds.  It was stifling out.
A couple days ago I was checking my corner rain garden that's full of Bugleweed to make sure the Hydrangea in the middle is clear---and guess what I found! A tiny baby Box Turtle! It was just a little bigger then the size of a quarter! 
I'm thinking it hatched this year.  Probably right there.
Today I put a couple small watermelon rinds under that hydrangea for baby. It's cool, shady and sheltered under all that Bugleweed.

I noticed this past week something was drilling into my Zucchini and eating it on the inside, so I lost 4 or 5. I had sprinkle the squash with Sevin dust. 

Tomatoes are starting to get ripe. Time to start thinking what I'm going to do with them!  Tacos, spaghetti sauce, tomato-basil soup and pasta salad will soon be on the menu!

The last of the blackberries are getting ready to ripen and once they're done---jam!

Today's Garden Pic are photos of the garden ceramic cats, who watch over flowers in a couple different containers:

First: One kitty peeking out from my sprawling hybrid Million Bells! 
These are an excellent flower for pots or walls with their trailing habit and they don't need dead-heading! Calibrachoa is their technical name.  You can see red Salvia in the background.

Next: My other kitty sitting among red Petunias & Salvia!
Those green leaves are Amaryllis.

That's it for today! Stop back tomorrow for Mama Kat!

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