Wednesday, September 2

Garden Pic Wednesday: Honey Bee Oasis

It's been very dry here for about two weeks. The weather just suddenly switched from humid summer to dry fall.
I've been watering the garden, garden containers & flower beds daily.
The weather change has been a boon to the melons in the garden--the Amy vines have entered a fresh cycle growth and bloom and the watermelon abruptly started setting fruit.

As I was watering this afternoon, I came across an unexpected thing: 
I've been rooting 3 small branches of Lantana in tiny pots that I keep in a plastic tray I can add water to. This tray is in a herb bed opposite my front door.
Yesterday, I noticed two honey bees and a potter's wasp in the tiny pots of Lantana---since I sort of washed them overboard with my hose spray.
Today, as I approached the tray, I noticed about a half-dozen honey bees coming and going from those tiny pots of Lantana.
The plants have no flowers. On closer observation, I observed the Honey Bees were there to get a drink. They either land on a leaf or in the dirt to lick up some moisture.
My little tray of rooting Lantana is their watering hole!

So, I got my camera for a shot:
Here's a Honey Bee licking up some water from the soil:
Three or four Honey Bees will be in each little pot.
I can look out the window now and see a bee coming and going.

Here's a second shot the next morning:
The party at the Bee Oasis is really jumping!
I filled the tray with a cup this morning, so not to disturb them too much. 

Now that I know, I'll try make sure during dry times in the future to  have a little watering hole set for them. 

That's it for today! Stop back tomorrow for Mama Kat!

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