Thursday, October 8

Mama Kat Thursday: 10 Things I Don't Love About Football

Since the season for football mania is upon us, today's Mama Kat blog writing prompt is to list, "10 Things I Don't Love About Football." 

 I'm not into sports. Either playing or watching and, fortunately, neither is my Hubby. Neither of us grew up with a Dad into that sort of thing and that makes a difference.

Anyway, here's my list:
#1)   Beyond the basics of moving the ball up or down the field toward the goal posts, I simply don't understand the game or any of it terminology. (And I'm not interested in learning.)

#2) Football games are egregiously slow. Fifteen minutes of real time game play is stretched into an hour because of all the slow-motion replays and play discussion. Not to mention how that benefits the advertisers.

#3) Every little game detail has to be monotonously discussed ad nauseam by the game announcers. Ugh.

#4) It's sooo boring. 

#5) I don't love the lack of sportsmanship going on in modern sports. There was a terrible display of poor sportsmanship during the 2015 Super Bowl. I don't like aggressive behavior, verbal-abuse & even fist-fighting with other players or referees is pretty much encouraged these days.

#6)  I don't love how football transforms some people from nice to acting really ugly by abusing anyone not rooting for "their team," or cursing or throwing things and so on. 

#7) I don't like the way game watching inspires massive alcohol drink fests, which only makes people act more ugly & more uncontrolled.

#8) Shows I'm interested in and want to watch get delayed and sometimes even canceled entirely by NFL games.

#9)  I don't love how, in my town, local high school football inspires the same level of aggressive, obsessive fanaticism that college & pro games inspire--and it's just high school!

#10)  And American football is so miserably boring--did I say that already?

There you have it. Everything I don't love about football.
What's your least favorite sport?

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Mimi B said...

heh heh heh well, my list is the complete opposite. I enjoy football. I love rooting for my team! I like the commentators when they explain things so I can keep learning. I don't watch half time shows or pre/post shows. Wishing I was back home with friends from church to have them over during the games. Fellowshipping during a game, what could be better? I'm with you on lack of sportsmanship, aggression, nasty fans, and drinking. None of that is my cup of tea. The game sure has changed over the years.

Mama Kat said...

It takes foreverrrrrrrr to finish a game! Why!?!

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