Thursday, October 15

Mama Kat Thursday: What Makes You Grouchy?

In honor to October 15 being "National Grouch Day," today's Mama Kat blog writing topic is "What makes you grouchy?"

To answer this I had to ask the Hubby for his perspective. To me, the distinction between being irritated and being grouchy isn't that clear, but he says, "there's definitely a line of difference between the two," and he can count off the 3 things that make me grouchy on his fingers:

I can be grouchy in the mornings.
Hubby is a bubble of cheery sunshine from the moment he gets up bright & early and he married me, who is not-a-morning person. 

The earlier I have to get up, the more likely it is I'll be grouchy. My brain doesn't start firing on all thrusters until after 30 minutes and a cup of coffee. 

I can be grouchy if I'm overly hungry. 
This usually only happens if I don't eat enough protein with a meal. Or if there's too much space between one meal and the next--and my blood sugars drop too low for too long, I turn into the Hulk.

And finally, I'm grouchy if I haven't had enough sleep. Especially if I'm in a situation where I've been getting up extra early day after day. 
It wears not-a-morning person down.

So, according to Hubby, these are my main grouch moments.
What's yours?


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Trudy said...

I had to sift through what makes me grouchy vs upset vs sad. I become grouchy when something or someone interferes with my writing/creative time.

May said...

Yes to all of the above, but especially that morning thing. Stupid, stupid morning!

Mama Kat said...

We're basically the same person. All of these things make me grouchy too. Also, demanding children are currently making me grouchy. So many entitled expectations and so little THANKS. That's where we're at today.

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