Wednesday, November 18

Garden Pic Wednesday: Coral Bells!

Today's Garden Pic photo is my most recent fall garden addition: this pretty Coral Bell!
 Their Latin name is "Heuchera."

My own Coral Bell

This will be my second try at growing one. I ordered a lime green one and tried growing it in a container garden, but Coral Bells don't like being overly watered.  However, container gardens need frequent watering, so it died.
(Remember that & don't plant them where your lawn watering system will keep them constantly wet!)
This new one is in the ground in my back garden in a deeply shady spot.

Coral Bells are shade lovers, highly prized for their colorful leaves and generally planted in groupings for a show of color.
  As you can see from this Pinterest photo I found, they come in many colors:

Lots of leaf colors!
Coral Bells do bloom! 
In spring they put up stalks loaded with little bell shaped flowers in a range of light to dark pinks & reds!
Thus their name.

Coral Bells in Bloom
If my Coral Bell plant does well, I'll look into adding more colors next September when they're stocked in local garden shops for planting in my region.
If you're interested in acquiring Coral Bells for your shade garden, you'll want to visit your favorite garden shop and look into when's the right time to plant for your zone and ask when the best color selection is available.
That's it for today! Stop back tomorrow for Mama Kat!

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