Wednesday, November 25

Garden Pic Wednesday: Memories Of Fall

With it almost being December, fall is a quickly fading memory in places where gardens have gone to sleep and snow has already fallen.
So, today's Garden Pic is a cheerful reminder of those golden days of autumn!
It's a photo I took of Marigolds in my front bed about the end of October, when they were at their best and a Brown-Belted Bumble Bee was busily enjoying them!

Brown Belted Bumble Bee on Marigold

My Marigolds are yet alive, but not near as pretty anymore.
I still have Red Salvia vividly blooming in pots, a couple pink Gerber Daisies throwing up fresh buds and my one bell pepper plant in the strawberry bed next to the front door is more loaded with baby peppers then it has ever had all year!
I still see Honey Bees visiting during the warmth of the day &

Since tomorrow is Turkey Day and I'll be busy, next post will be on Friday!
Have a fantastic Thanksgiving and eat lots of pumpkin pie!

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