Wednesday, December 16

Garden Pic Wednesday: Christmas Joy & Birthday Flowers

Hubby told me a couple weeks ago he'd ordered a surprise, something in the way of a Christmas outdoor decoration.
Last weekend it arrived:

He knew I admired for years a display in front of a local business  something like this that was just the word "Joy" with a manger scene in the "O."
So, he got this for me.
 The letters and manger pieces are made of metal and the manger pieces & star just clip on. The red letters are glittery red and are propped up in back.
Simple, attractive, yet is flat and stores easily in the box in came in.
I don't want any outdoor decor that's a storage problem. What goes up has to come down, so we keep it simple. No decorating the whole house. 
We probably need one of those lazy-man laser things the make your house "appear" decorated with lights.

This week was also my birthday and I like to celebrate the occasion personally by buying some flowers and arranging them in a vase.
One bundle of sparkly green & white daisy-mums and a bundle of mini-carns from Walmart with two Gerber Daisies I had growing in my front bed, one dark pink & the other light pink.

Hubby also surprised me by inviting friends from Bible Study & our Leadership team to join us at Ruby Tuesday for a dinner I only expected the two of us to be having. So it made for a very pleasant meal, plus my "birthday burger" was free. (If you join Ruby's So Connected Club online, they'll send you a birthday coupon to print, usually a free burger.)
That's it for today! Stop back for Mama Kat Thursday!

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