Wednesday, January 27

Garden Pic Wednesday: Purple Lantana & Winter Broccoli!

It's gray and misty outside today. Not the best day for photography--still I went out to see what could be seen and came back with a couple pictures:
I have some purple Lantana next to a Gardenia bush out front. 
Lantana by nature is a wide, low shrub with a sprawling habit. This one has poked it's branches up into the Gardenia next to it, creating an interesting look. 
Though frost has turned the Lantana's leaves a rich burgundy, the flowers are still fine. It makes an attractive corner in a winter landscape.

Fresh Winter Broccoli!
Several broccoli heads in my garden bed have reached harvest stage! I cut one last night and we had it for dinner. This one photographed will soon be next! Fresh broccoli from the garden is so tender! Even the stem.
I planted all the plants at the same time, but not all the heads are coming on at once--which is a good thing! The 5 plants closest to the block wall grew faster---I'm wondering if it that wall didn't collect solar heat and keep them warmer?

That's it for today! Check back for Mama Kat tomorrow!

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