Friday, February 5

Friday Finds: Fun Home-made Valentines Ideas!

There was a flurry of crafty or editable Valentine ideas on my Pinterest board last week I thought I would share in case some of you might feel like you want to do something creative for your kids or your Valentine!

So today's "Finds" are some home-made Valentine ideas:

Sweet Valentine Messages on Fruit:
A cute idea for a Valentine's centerpiece on the family table or for packing in kids or Hubby's lunches.
This idea comes from a blog called, The Cake Whiz, where you can see ideas for all her messages!
You'll want edible markers for this project!

How About Colorful Rice
Krispie Hearts!
This idea comes from a blog
called Pint Sized Treasures, where you
can get the recipe & details for
making this sweet Valentines treat as either cookies or heart-pops!

 Here's a Fun Idea:
White Chocolate Popcorn With Heart Sprinkles & Candy Hearts!
This comes from a blog called, Gimme Some Oven, where
you'll find the complete recipe and directions for this sweet treat!

Or Adorable Easy Pom-Pom Cupcake Bookmarks!
This idea comes from craft blogger, Bren @Brendid.Com, where you'll find instructions for these cute little booksmarks made with 2" paper clips, mini cupcake wrappers, yarn, mini-poms & a hot glue gun!
A cute Valentine gift idea for a reader!
If you visit her blog, you'll see a couple other Valentine crafts on the right plus free printables!

That's it for today! Have a fun & delicious Valentines!

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Susan Joy Clark said...

Great ideas. The fruit messages are unique.

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