Thursday, February 4

Mama Kat Thursday: The Rose Pendent

I'd describe my husband's marriage proposal as unconventional. Not because of anything he did or said, but because of the symbol for our engagement that he gave me.
We had already had agreed to be married. There was just the formality of the proposal left. So he flew from Washington D.C. to Indiana and took me out to a local favorite restaurant my family.

The thing of it is I'm not a ring person and I'd told him I didn't want an engagement ring for an engagement symbol. I do too much with my hands, like digging in dirt or painting and I didn't want a decoration on my finger to worry about or have get in the way. 
I wanted something else. He asked if a necklace would be okay and I had said yes.
Since he'd come to associate roses with me, because of a certain rose scented cologne I was always wearing, he cleverly chose a simple pendent necklace with a little gold-metal rose that had a rhinestone in the center to offer me for our engagement.
I loved it.
 It was perfect and I wore the necklace for a long, long time--until the chain eventually gave out.

I still have that little rose pendent.
 I've learned to bead now and I hope sometime to create a necklace or bracelet with it and all my old pendent charms.

The Engagement Rose Charm

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De Keimach said...

Sweet! I love how he found something that was so special.

Lori said...

Oh, it's lovely. And how sweet he thought of the rose because of how you smelled. It's those little things that are so romantic.

Mama Kat said...

How romantic!! I love that rose and that he actually listened when you told him you don't prefer a ring. :)

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