Tuesday, March 22

Garden Pic Wednesday: Yellow Winter Jasmine

Garden Pics today are of my Winter Jasmine shrub.
It's a flowering  shrub common in the Deep South where winters are mild. I grew this one from a cutting. There are apparently two types of Winter Jasmine: this yellow & also a white. I like the sunny yellow.
It was especially spectacular this year!
First picture is a closer view of it's pretty yellow flowers:

Winter Jasmine Blossoms

Here is a View of the Full Shrub:
It has a beautiful trailing form, like a weeping willow. Those branches touching the ground, however, can root and I want to avoid that, so once it's done blooming it will be getting a haircut.

Winter Jasmine Shrub

That's it for today. I'll be taking some time off, so next post won't be until Wednesday, April 6th!  See you then!

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