Thursday, March 10

Mama Kat Thursday: 8 Accomplishments This Week!

Today's Mama Kat blog writing topic is to share 8 accomplishments this week:

#1) Repainting the range hood has been on my "to-do list" for a couple years. So getting that finally done yesterday was my Number One accomplishment for week--considering how arduous  all the degreasing & sanding was! The prep took a couple days, but the final result is totally worth it.

#2)  Tried a new dessert I found on Pinterest, which turned out to be really great & blogged about it. See it here.
It's also on my Pinterest board under "Pinterest Recipes I've Tried."

#3)  Tuesday, I "baked" 2 sweet potatoes & a butternut squash in the slow-cooker for a couple meals. We had the squash tonight in African Stew.  Except I used ground chicken instead of ground beef. 

#4)  Walked around the yard with my camera, collecting photographs of spring blooms for my Garden Pic Wednesday posts.

#5)  Dug up and split a really large clump of dark pink Gerber Daisy that really needed splitting! I got 4 new smaller clumps out of it!
Spring, when it's first coming up is the time.

#6)  I also dug in some granular garden fertilizer in about everything I thought could use it: blackberries, strawberries, hydrangea's, day lilies, etc.

#7)  I resolved an formatting issue I was having with one of my Collections in my Zazzle store. The problem was it wasn't creating a photo thumbnail image for link-sharing. Today, I had an idea to try unchecking, then re-checking each item for inclusion in that Collection and that fixed the problem! The link thumbnail started working again!

#8) The big thing today has been clearing out various cabinets in the kitchen and bathrooms because we're having our plumbing "re-plumbed" on Saturday. That means new hot & cold water lines will be run up through attic and down through the walls afresh to the various fixtures. We have a cabinet guy we've hired to move & replace the bathroom cabinets and repair all the little holes in the sheet rock this will involve. It needs be to done because we currently have 28 year old gray poly pipe that's starting to have leaks here and there--under the floor. So to avoid further jack-hammering through my nice tile, we're doing the replumb.

So those are things I've been working on this week!
What's been on your project list?
Thanks for Visiting!

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Mama Kat said...

Doesn't it feel good to cross those things off your list!? You have been busy!! I've always wanted to try one of those dump cakes!

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