Tuesday, June 14

Between the Lines: Women Blogging Over Age 50!

The Between the Lines series is still on going! So, if you want to read the various profiles of June's +50 Women Bloggers,
here's the link to the profile interview page! 
If you scroll down to the bottom there's a clickable list to their individual posts on how and why they got in blogging at an older age! 
Equine Guided Growth was my favorite!
 A horse farm retreat in France? Who wouldn't love that?
Many featured Bloggers are international!

And since I missed posting Week 6 because I had other things going on here's the Week 6 +50 Bloggers, too!

To catch up with all the Between the Lines featured Bloggers, go to Katherine's Corner for full the list of links!

I'll be posting links for the series here on Tuesdays till the end of June!
See you for Garden Pic Wednesday!

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