Wednesday, June 8

Garden Pic Wednesday: Blackberry Blossom to Berry!

Blackberries are on!  We're picking handfuls daily and have collected a pint already!
So today's Garden Pic is a collage showing both blossom & berry:

These are upright, thornless blackberries that range in height between 4 and 5 feet tall. (They have to be tied up)
I fertilized them well last year, so the berries are big and fat this year.
For best results, I dig in some granular garden fertilizer around the roots after fruiting is finished to nourish the new growth, then again in middle fall before it's cold.

Today's Garden project was cleaning up the large back rain garden.
It needed a bit of raking & weeding, a little thinning out of the Flag Iris and Liriope and the addition of some fresh river pebbles.
Stop back tomorrow for Mama Kat to hear a good sleepwalking story!

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