Wednesday, June 15

Garden Pic Wednesday: Red-Headed Woodpecker & Blue Hydrangeas!

For today's Garden Pics:
First, a fair shot of a Red-Headed Woodpecker on my squirrel proof feeder. 
They're coloring makes them easy to identify. He may not be able to get inside the feeder, but his long beak allows him to reach through and get a tasty sunflower seed! The Red-Bellied Woodpeckers do the same!

Next: My Dark Blue Hydrangea!
It is actually a bit deeper blue then captured by my camera.
This has been my best year yet for a good show of  multiple bloom heads on nearly all my hydrangeas!
 The secret is not to hedge or cut them after July!
(Since my friend mentioned it: I read on Pinterest it helps Hydrangea be more blue if you bury a few copper pennies near the roots, so I did bury a couple by each blue.)

Be sure to stop back tomorrow to see what's up for Mama Kat!


Diana Davis said...

you've got that good, iron rich soil that lets them go blue. Lucky you.

Diana Davis said...

re: the woodpecker. We have one that regularly beats his brains out on our chimney. It's quite loud inside the house when he's at it. Poor guy. I worry about damage to himself.

aesta1 said...

That bird feeder looks like it is squirrel proof. Will the gold finches be able to get at the feed?

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