Wednesday, June 22

Garden Pic Wednesday: Wind Tipped Our Tree!

Apparently, last Friday night, June 17, there was a major wind storm here. Just a straight-line wind.
 We were in the house, watching a DVD. There wasn't any sound of rain or thunder. We didn't know anything was going on outside. We just abruptly saw the power flicker 3 times, then go off for a few seconds and come right back on, but we didn't think anything of it. That is a fairly common occurrence during the high A/C usages of summer. 
 On Saturday morning we walked out to the car to go someplace and were shocked to discover our Aspen tree in the front yard, fallen over sideways against the power line!
We were astonished! This tree has weathered numerous tropical storms and hurricanes over the past 25 years and suddenly--this?
Hubby promptly called the power company and because the tree was on line between the poles, they were responsible for removing it! (Whew! What a relief! Tree removable is expensive!)
So here's a photo of our Aspen with the power company guys there to take it down:

Now that the tree is gone, this is what's left:

This popped-up hump of earth & root.
 That big elbow under there is one of the Aspen roots. The area is full of Shamrocks and flower bulbs, so I don't want to have the root ground-out. (Not to mention how much that would cost.) 
I've been thinking it over and I'm thinking of naturalizing it back into the landscape by filling the hole with top soil and edging the front of that gap with a layer of flagstones. I can add my various yard art planters to it and make it look spiffy, like it was born to be that way.
I've read you can kill a stump by drilling holes into it and filling the holes with epsom salt and watering it in, so I think we'll do that.
I don't want another one. 
So that's what was exciting in our yard this week!
Stop back for Mama Kat tomorrow!

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