Thursday, July 28

Mama Kat Thursday: Throwback Thursday!

The challenge today was to look over photos from last July and pick one to write about.
I discovered on nearly this exact date in July 2015, I featured this photo of one of my melons growing in my garden:
It's an Amy Melon, which is basically a Golden Honeydew. The outside turns bright yellow; the inside is white.

Of course, I had seeds left to use again this year:
Here's my 2016 Amy Melon! It's quite pretty in the late day sunlight and quite a bit plumper then last year.
Because I have pests that will bore into the melon from the ground underneath, I put old cat food or tuna cans under my mine. This one is actually sitting on a large tuna can. It got too big for the cat food can, LOL.

And a bonus Melon photo:
My sister, Pat, who lives in Indiana, set up a whole new veggie garden space and yesterday sent me a pretty shot of two Cantelope's coming along nicely in her bed:

So, what's growing in your neck of the woods?

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Emily said...

I have not heard of the Amy melon before, it sounds delicious!

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