Thursday, August 18

Mama Kat Thursday: Odd, Yet Memorable Dreams

The challenge today was to, "share a memorable dream."
The challenge with dreams is remembering them. They are like wisps of fairy feathers in fog that slip away in the light of morning. Even so, I've had a couple memorable dreams this week that I recall well enough to share:
In one I was responsible for getting 4 children costumed and prepared for some kind of stage presentation. I only had a couple hours to do it in. I drew out a rough sketch of the 4 kids as I pictured they should be costumed with what might be found at like a Goodwill store. Then I sent them off, with  parents I suppose, to acquire such clothing. Then when they came back I was going to give them pink index cards with whatever they were going to need to say written out. The kids were all boys I think. One was short & small, one was round & plump, one was tall & skinny and one average. 
The funny thing is, it's not like that sort of situation has anything to do with my real life. I'm not any sort of teacher and I'm not around kids at all.

Jeremy Renner
I had another dream with Jeremy Renner in it. (The guy who played Hawkeye in the Avengers movies.)  Why, I have no idea. But in this dream he was a ordinary guy named, "Uncle Buddy," and the dream seemed to be about a family that was going someplace and "Uncle Buddy" wasn't supposed to go with them, but then he showed up wherever they were, because he didn't want to be left behind. So his arrival was surprise to everyone, but a happy surprise. I remember "Uncle Buddy" seemed a happy fellow. 
The whole thing had the quality of watching a movie.

Yup, my dreams for the most part are fanciful, nonsensical fluff such as this.
So, what was the last dream you remember about?

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Susan Joy Clark said...

"Wisps of fairy feathers in fog ..." I like that. :) Funny dreams. They can be so interesting, can't they? I've had some odd ones too, although I don't know if I can remember a recent one.

Patty said...

One of my favorite lines has always been "the old dreams were good, they didn't all work out but it was better than having no dreams at all". It seems that some sleepy time adventures stay with us, long after we awake; others, well, it's good they fade away quickly. Great post!!

KatBouska said...

I love how random dreams are. I barely remember mine anymore!

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