Friday, October 28

Friday Finds: Ghouly Halloween Party Treats & Decor

Here's this weeks fun Halloween Party food "Finds" plus a couple creepy decor ideas!

Creepy Barbecue Worm Sandwiches:
You can make this delightful sandwich for your party goers just by slicing hot dogs into strips lengthwise and boiling them to give them that creepy curl. Then just combine with your favorite barbecue sauce and serve with buns or sliders!

Some Healthy Halloween Treats: 
This is a really fun idea! You'll need some small, easy to peel oranges, like Cuties, plus some bananas, celery & mini-chocolate chip!
Just peel your little Oranges & stick a "stem" of celery in the center of each.
Peel & cut Bananas & stick a pair of "eyes" on each using mini-chocolate chips.
Arrange on a serving tray and you're ready!

Pumpkin Vomiting Guacamole:
Here's a cool Halloween Guacamole Dip serving idea the kids will love!
Just carve a small pumpkin, mix up or buy Guacamole Dip and arrange on a serving tray, like so! Just add chips!

Bottled Skull Face:
This is a quick creepy decor idea from someone in my Mama Kat link-up. It's a simple decoration piece really. Your just need a creepy rubber Halloween face-mask of your choice (it could be type), neon green food dye (or any color you like), water & a clear glass jar of suitable side. 
Just insert mask into jar, fill with water, then arrange mask using your hand so it fits against side of jar & add a few drops of food coloring and, voila--ghoulish decor!

Have a fun Halloween! 
See you for Good Eating Monday!

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