Monday, October 31

Good Eating Monday: Banana Cream Poke Cake!

My  Zumba class this morning was really extra fun! Since it's actually Halloween, everyone was invited to wear Halloween-themed clothing (whether a costume or just colors), then the 2 instructors covered any windows with black plastic, turned off the lights & plugged-in colored LED party lights that threw colored spots up on the walls!

Today's Good Eating recipe brings back the taste of summer: Banana Cream Poke Cake!
It's super easy dessert for a 9 x 13 pan, creamy & cool and oh, so yummy! 
It tastes like banana cream pie!
(My own photo of the actual cake.)
It's a recipe I found on Pinterest.

Banana Cream Poke Cake
1 box yellow cake mix
(eggs, water & oil to make your cake as directed on box)
2 boxes of instant Banana Cream Pudding (3.4oz)
4 cups milk to make pudding (2% or whole milk)
1 8oz whipped topping (reg,lite or fat free)
1/2 cup Nilla Wafers, crushed (more if you like)
Optional: sliced fresh bananas to as additional decoration

1) Mix your yellow cake according to box directions, pour into an oil sprayed 9 x 13 pan and bake at 350 degrees as directed.

2) When done, remove from oven to cooling rack and let cool 5 minutes. Then poke holes in your cake with a round handle of a whisk or spoon. (pictured)

3) In a bowl, whisk pudding together with milk, adding milk gradually as your whisk until all milk is in it, so it will be smooth. After 2 minutes, so it's only slightly thickened, pour the pudding directly over cake, so it covers surface & fills holes. Spread evenly with a rubber spatula.

4)  Put cake in frig to chill and set pudding for 1 hour.
Remove from frig and top with whipped topping, dropping it in dollops evenly over top of pudding, then gently spreading evenly with a rubber spatula.

5) Sprinkle evenly with crushed Nilla Wafers and return to frig.
Closer to serving time, you can cut the cake into 24 squares and add a sliced banana cut in half to each, if you like.
Store leftovers in frig.
Everyone at our house on Sunday gave this cake rave reviews!
It's a great dessert for a party or potluck, too, since it serves 24!
The additional photo of "poking" the cake were part of the Pinterest pin that had been pinned from a blog called "Crafty Recipes."
Eat up, me hearties.yo-ho!

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